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Do Chiropractic Adjustments Cure Diseases?

Do Chiropractic adjustments cure diseases? The short answer is NO. But the long answer is a little more complicated that that. Chiropractic adjustments don't actually "cure" anything... YOU DO with a properly functioning nervous system.

It is a well-established scientific fact that the human body is an intelligent, self-healing organism that is designed to thrive, to repair itself, to grow and to constantly seek balance or homeostasis.

Question: out of all the systems in your body, which one is responsible for the growth, health, control and monitoring of ALL the other systems in your body?

If you answered the Nervous System, you were right!

The Nervous System is the master organizing system in the human body. This very complex system conveys Human Intelligence throughout your body. The Spinal Cord - which is the body's "information superhighway" - is one of the most vital components of the Nervous System because it carries all of the messages to and from the brain. The Spinal Cord is so important that it is housed within 24 interlocking bones, called vertebrae.

These 24 bones (vertebrae) can get physically stuck and cause physical irritation to the nerves traveling up and down your spine. Irritation to nerves can change the messages traveling to and from your Brain. The result is ill-health. A Chiropractor's job is to detect problems with the movement of your vertebrae, then make "adjustments" to these stuck bones in the spine, which then restores proper Nervous System function.

When the Nervous System is functioning optimally, the body has the best chance of being healthy and healing itself from disease. But when there is interference with the N.S., the body loses some of its ability to function.

Because of this your Chiropractor is quite possibly one of the most important members of your health care team. Think of how important your Dentist is. Dentists have taught us how important brushing and flossing is for keeping our teeth healthy. And if you’re like most of us, I’ll bet you don’t like missing your regular Dental check ups and cleaning. It’s vital to the health of your teeth!

Your Chiropractor is to your spine like your Dentist is to your teeth. There is one major difference however; if you let your teeth decay it doesn’t affect your overall health as much as if you let your spine decay. Spinal degeneration is associated with premature disease states (all over the body) and a shorter lifespan.

Chiropractic is not just about bones out-of-place, back aches or neck pains. Yes, chiropractic adjustments can often help you recover from neck, back or joint pain quickly…

But the real Secret I wish to share with you is this: chiropractic adjustments help your Life Force (via your nervous system) to flow uninterrupted throughout your body. This allows you to be healthy from the inside out. Chiropractors don’t heal you… you heal yourself with a optimally functioning nervous system.

“I noticed improvements to my neck and back pain levels

immediately after the first adjustment and more with each visit.

Then within 2 weeks I was also noticing that my old

digestive problems were gone.” – Steve S., San Rafael, CA

I too enjoy visiting a Chiropractor on a regular basis. Why? Because I feel better, I sleep better, my digestion is better and I feel more flexible. I get adjusted because I am healthier with the adjustments than without. I’ve tried both ways and I definitely notice a difference from being regularly adjusted.

“What I like about Dr. Jack is his attention to the physical, intellectual,

emotional and spiritual elements of well-being. He offers options and suggestions

but is never pushy about them. He offers thoughts and feelings but is open to

other thoughts and feelings as well. He is a caregiver who cares.” – Ken Kramarz, Larkspur, CA

Please share this article with anyone you think may benefit.

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