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Chances are...

Chances are that even if you have been to a Chiropractor before that you may not fully understand WHY it works so well and to WHAT extent it can improve your overall health.  And you're not alone... many Chiropractors (and most traditional health care providers) aren't fully aware of its benefits, or have even been misinformed.  But don't worry, I'm here to help!


Chances are that you've heard of people saying how Chiropractic not only helped their neck or back feel better, but it also helped their overall health in some way.  For example, many people who see Chiropractors often notice other beneficial "side effects," like their headaches go away, or they sleep better, breathe better or run faster...


While it's important to understand that Chiropractic is NOT a cure for any disease or condition, it does often facilitate healing in ways that are seemingly miraculous and often under-recognized.


Why does this happen?  Well, it has to do with the fact that Chiropractic works with your most Vital System in your body - your Nervous System. 


You see if you already have a problem with your Neck or your Back then chances are you also have a problem with the Vital Nerves that run up and down your spine.  When you have a problem with your spine (which we Chiropractors call a Subluxation, which is just a fancy word for a bone in your spine that isn't able to Move normally and can often become Misaligned...) then you can also have a problem with your Nervous System. 


When the bones of your spine don't move properly (Subluxation) the resulting Irritation to your Nerves can Distort the messages traveling between your Brain and your Vital organs.  It's like having a poor cell phone reception and you're trying to communicate with your boss about a big project or trying to coordinate picking up your kids from soccer practice.  The messages just don't get through and the results are often troubling.


When this mis-communication happens in your body then the result is that your vital organs may not work properly and you may become "sick."  If your Brain isn't able to properly communicate with your Heart, or Lungs or Stomach... then those organis may not function optimally and can become "Dis-Eased." 


And therefore when you see a Chiropractor and receive gentle "adjustments" to your Neck or Back the result is that your Nervous System is happier and more able to monitor and control ALL of your Vital Organs.  And this is why millions of people all over the world experience often "miraculous" benefits from Chiropractic care.


And chances are... you will experience those benefits yourself, especially now that you are aware!  See you soon!




Chiropractors address the physical/structural problems that occur within the Spine and affect the Central Nervous System - the most vital system in your body. 


Chiropractors detect these problem within the spine (called Vertebral Subluxations) and make subtle "adjustments" to one or more vertebrae which frees up your body to heal properly and function optimally.