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Sports Chiropractic in Nevada City

An athlete lives a different life than your average person or weekend warrior. At Core Chiropractic, we have a keen understanding of the demands your body has placed on it during rigorous training.

Dr. Jack is a former athlete who is still extremely active. He raised two children who are at the highest level in their game. His daughter is an Olympic hopeful. We understand that if you’ve been injured, you need to get back in the game quickly.

We’ll put in the work with you so that you minimize your time on the sidelines. Our care involves looking at your lifestyle, practices, metabolism and the structure of your body for a comprehensive approach.


Performance Enhancement With Chiropractic

Chiropractic is well-known for its success in addressing pain and injury. Rather than putting out fires, however, we encourage you to shift your focus. Chiropractic can help enhance your performance. You can build on the speed, coordination and function of your nervous system so that you can operate at a higher level.

If you have an injury, we’ll discuss the timelines of healing, since each can be different. For example, a small strain might require just a couple of visits. Other injuries may mean you have to take some time off. We have a deep understanding of the effects of injury and can make the proper recommendations to you.


Breaking Through Your Plateau

Often, athletes feel like they are “stuck” at a certain performance level. We see our role as that of a detective. We’ll figure out what you’re doing in your life, how you’re feeling and what your training is like that may contribute to your plateau. Then, we’ll give you the appropriate guidance and support.

You might be surprised to learn that a chiropractic adjustment is directly connected to your brain. Your brain is responsible for perceiving where you are, and it does so through your spine. If your spine isn’t properly aligned, your brain can’t be optimized for speed, strength and a strong performance.


The Frequency of Your Visits

If you visit us for performance enhancement or well visits, we’ll likely see you just 2-4 times a month. A mild injury won’t require a high frequency of visits, healing in a couple of weeks. A serious injury, however, will need more attention. Your visits can be up to three times a week in such a case.

We’ll recommend what we believe is right for you based on your case and your individual goals.


Get Back in the Game

Dr. Jack’s daughter broke her humerus in a bike crash just five weeks before the U.S. National Championships. The UCSF medical center surgeon said that based on her MRI, she would never be able to participate in the competition. Dr. Jack told her, your body is capable of incredible things. Let’s see what happens.

His daughter was adjusted daily, did all her physical therapy and continued training on a stationary bike for four weeks. She made it to the race and earned a silver medal!

Let’s find out if you can benefit from sports chiropractic Nevada City. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation!


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