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About Us

Dr. Jack Ricci earned a Doctor of Chiropractic at Life University West. After his graduation, he became an associate doctor in the Bay Area. His next move took him across the pond to Ireland, where he took over a practice for a doctor who was on sabbatical. There, just north of Dublin, he worked for some years. His son and daughter were born there, too. As a family, they decided it was time to return to Marin County.

The roots of Core Chiropractic began there. Dr. Jack and his family have lived around the world, including Costa Rica. As their children grew, they decided to relocate to a smaller area and chose Nevada City. Our office here opened in January 2016 to serve our community and Grass Valley with natural health care.


Our Philosophy

Your body is a self-healing, self-regenerating organism. It’s intelligent and capable of incredible things. If we exercise, get the right nutrients, think positively and make sure we are properly aligned, our bodies will be the greatest machine we could ever dream of. The foundation of all that we do is based on this belief.

We wish to be seen as a prominent healer, having helped thousands of people avoid drugs and surgery. It’s our hope that you’ll be thrilled with our care and want to refer your family and friends to us. Our vision is a happy, healthy community that feels empowered to handle their own health issues, naturally!

Welcoming Every Member of Your Family

We see all ages of people, including children. One of our younger patients was a 4-year-old with chronic ear infections. The child had suffered through 10 rounds of antibiotics, a tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and tubes put in their ears.

They’d seen numerous specialists all over Northern California, but nobody could help. The parents felt unsure about chiropractic. Dr. Jack showed them how gentle and conservative it was. He also spoke with the parents about the right foods for their child to eat. Following care, the child was fully healed with no more ear infections.


Finding a New Solution

Often, people seek our help because they’ve tried many other avenues without success. Dr. Jack saw a woman who was in chronic pain. She had gone through multiple spinal fusions and was in chronic pain.

Opioids were the only way to control some of her discomfort, and she had lost all hope. Her daughter, one of our patients, brought her mom in. Dr. Jack recalls, “I asked her, ‘Do you believe you can heal yourself?’ I’ll never forget her response—she burst into tears and said, ‘I don’t know.’”

Dr. Jack adjusted her and talked to her about nutrition, mindset, supplementation, CBD oil and physical therapy exercises. A few months later, the woman was off opioids and wanted to live again for the first time in years.



Ask Yourself This Powerful Question

We welcome people who are skeptical of chiropractic. Dr. Jack felt the same way the first time he visited a chiropractor, telling him, “I don’t believe in what you guys do.” The wise chiropractor didn’t try to convince him, but instead, asked, “Can you suspend your disbelief long enough to see it working for you?”

This question stuck with Dr. Jack. He works to understand each patient’s mentality and belief system. When a man came in echoing what Dr. Jack had said about chiropractic years before, he replied with the same question the chiropractor had posted to him. The man stuck with him for years afterward, loving the results he got from chiropractic.

Get Started Today

Contact our chiropractic office by phone or email to schedule your first appointment! We also welcome walk-ins to drop by.






Meet Dr. Jack

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