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Dr. Jack Ricci DC

Finding Relief

Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Jack’s life was on a completely different track. In childhood and the military, before he attended college, he suffered from back injuries. The only solution given to him was drugs or ineffective physical therapy. During his undergrad years, he was at UC-Davis, studying to become a medical doctor. After another back injury, a friend told him, “You’re going to see a chiropractor.”

At the time, Dr. Jack thought chiropractors were quacks, and he needed a “real” doctor. Lying on the floor in pain, however, he thought it was worth a try.

Discovering the True Value of Chiropractic

Going to the chiropractor changed Dr. Jack’s life. This natural healing profession involved neurology and got him results. He still wasn’t convinced of the value of chiropractic, though, and continued his studies to become an orthopedic surgeon.

It was only after a car accident that led to severe back and neck pain that Dr. Jack ended up back in the chiropractor’s office. Soon, he realized that the stomach problems and allergies he took medications for had gone away. After two months of care, Dr. Jack no longer needed medications.

That second incident was all the convincing Dr. Jack needed. He changed his path and enrolled at Life University West to get a chiropractic education.

Over the years, Dr. Jack’s perspective on health has continually evolved. “The way we think and feel is the master at controlling our body’s outcome. Your foundation has to be an excellent mindset.” The way you think is just one of the many aspects of your care at Core Chiropractic.

An Active Natural Lifestyle

Dr. Jack has two children. In their active family, everyone is an athlete. They live and breathe healthy lifestyles. Both his son and daughter are at the highest level in their sport without ever going to a medical doctor or taking pills. His daughter races for the U.S. National Cycling Team.

“I love that I get to be a game-changer for people. I help them out of serious problems and empower them so they can live better lives. That’s exciting to me.”


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