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"My major health issue was headaches (constant low grade and occasional migraines).  My headaches improved dramatically and immediately after the start of care and progressed to being virtually non-existant. My neck pain has been abated significantly as well.  I tried other chiropractic care before and it actually made it worse.  But my results/improvements were immediate with Dr. Jack."  ~Cristan Norman


"One behalf of my family and myself, I want to thank you for all you've contributed to our health and well-being.  You are a tremendous doctor and you've provided me with knowledge and confidence to make better choices for my children and you've guided me back to a place of health where I'm a happier human being.  You make a huge contribution to me and my life and the lives of each in my family.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart, and best wishes to you and yours.  You are a gift."  Anne Wilson


"My knees are aching less now when I run and my arches don't hurt when I walk.  My back hurts less.  My vision is better."  ~William Yandell


"I am a 47 year old woman and I've had problems with my back since childhood.  I have had 6 spinal surgeries since 1989 and several drug therapies. After 2 months of care my back, neck and knees are less painful.  I am totally convinced that by following Dr. Ricci's recommendations and wellness plan anyone can become stronger, feel better and decrease their pain... eventually becoming the healthy person we all want to be."  ~Copper Dulin


"No more headaches!  I don't even remember what I was like before!"  ~~Marisa Ruth






"I came to Dr. Ricci about 5 weeks ago in terrible pain from a lower back cramp that had persisted for a while.  Soon after adjustments began, the pain lessened dramatically.  Also, I have not had a headache in the last 5 weeks, which is a pleasantly long strech for me.  Lastly, I have not had a serious IBS attach in the last 5 weeks, which is an unusually long time."  ~Ken Grayson


"I had tight shoulders, tingling in the fingers and hands and poor range of motion in my neck.  These all improved within the first 2 months of care and are even more improved now."  ~Story Rafter



"When I began I had chronic pain in my neck and shoulders.  They are nothing to very small since I have started care." ~Carroll Yandell



"My back was initially very inflamed up and down.  It seemed to get better after 2-3 weeks of care and is now not spasming any more.  I am sleeping sounder now because of the adjustments.  I am not in pain laying down anymore."  ~Hank Kasperzak



"I had a constant ache in my right hip.  My entire right side would go numb.  I couldn't sit down for 5 minutes without pain.  Thanks to Chiropractic adjustments and sitting on a gym ball I no longer have pain.  I have not taken any pain medications in over 5 months now.  I wasn't a believer, but now I am."  ~Mandy Tardiff




Heading 6


At Core Chiropractic we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please read our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Click here to send us your feedback so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Core Chiropractic care. For more information, or to schedule an appointment contact us today.


Can’t Say Enough

Dr. Jack has been a blessing to our family, in so many ways. He’s an intelligent and intuitive practitioner who combines personal experience, with medical training, with a holistic approach. Not only will he know how to fix what’s ailing you, but he knows enough to know how to offer preventative care for the things creeping up around the bend. He combines in-office care with very specific, specialized instructions for home care & diet & movement – and if that weren’t enough, he also has our 7 year old shepherd mix, 4 knee surgeries later, walking better than he has since he was 3 (we just took him on a 3 mile hike the other day and he was fabulous as ever!). I can’t say enough thanks to our doctor and our friend.
– Morgan M.

Exactly What I Needed

Moving to the Nevada City area from the Bay Area back in September of 2017 I was concerned I wouldn’t find a good chiropractor. I have seen a lot of chiropractors over 40 years and of course have had the good, and the bad. I needed a truly hands on doctor whose top concern was my good health.

I was completely wrong to be concerned …I didn’t find a good chiropractor, I found a great one!

Dr Jack is definitely a great chiropractor with each of his patients health and well being at the very top of his priorities. He is a devoted health professional I am proud call my chiropractor. I most highly recommend him to anyone seeking excellent, professional, chiropractic care. He is truly a great one.
– Robert G.

Amazing Chiropractor

Dr. Jack is an amazing chiropractor and an awesome guy! He was able to help me with some terrible tension and pain that I was experiencing in my mid- to upper-back. Through his unique approach, I was feeling better much quicker than I anticipated. His adjustments are specific and exactly what I needed!
– John C.

Instantly Felt Better

I went to see Dr. Jack for a migraine I had been suffering from for two days straight. He took his time with me, explaining exactly what he was doing, and why. The adjustment he gave me was absolutely amazing! I instantly felt better. I left his office feeling hopeful knowing I have finally found someone who can finally help me with this lifelong ailment.
– Amber F.

Very Grateful

I am very grateful for Chiropractic care. Since I’ve been getting adjusted I no longer have low back pain or headaches. I also have been utilizing the nutritional advice to help reduce inflammation and gain more energy. Thank you for your continued care.
– Jack B.


I had never been to see a chiropractor before my friend recommended Dr. Jack Ricci to me. I’m fairly young and athletic but I was having some intense shoulder pain, not associated with a specific injury, that massage wasn’t fixing. After one visit I was pain-free. Dr. Jack’s understanding of the nervous system, how to do gentle adjustment, and willingness and facility to describe to me what was going on in my body all contributed to this amazing experience.
– Feonix F.

5 Stars

Dr. Jack deserves 5 stars simply due to the fact that he goes above and beyond what every other chiropractor has ever done. And on top of that, my spine feels better than it has felt in over a decade since I started seeing him.

Three insights into his practice:

Assessment- Dr. Jack’s assessment was free. He worked with me to find treatment options that work best for me, and my storied history of spinal injury. He used my X-rays and MRI scans to help inform his decisions.

Methods- Dr. Jack uses gentle methods. He uses a tool called an arthrostim that is like a clacking gun that taps your vertebrate. I have not been put in the dreaded, “pull the knee up to your chest while I jump on you” position. There was no, “quackery.” For example: energy healing, or placing his hands on your head and saying, “you’ve been healed.” These things have happened to me while looking for chiropractors in the area.

Treatment- Adjustment is only half the battle when dealing with spinal health. Dr. Jack recommends exercises that if done regularly can put you in the best possible position to help yourself. I have found that you have to put in your work if you’re sick and tired of being in pain. Dr. Jack helps give direction on your road to recovery.

I can tell Dr. Jack really wants to help people. If you don’t feel better after an adjustment he promises a full refund. I have not had to take him up on this in the two years that I have been visiting him. On top of that, he was collecting clothes for the homeless around Christmas time. It appears as if Dr. Jack has focused his intensity on reaching the ultimate good. That is exactly the kind of care provider that I prefer to see.
– Ian G.

It Is Working!

I have a pencil straight neck which started giving me pain in the mid back and neck 3 years ago. Of the several chiropractors I’ve seen, Dr. Ricci is the first that is helping. I am learning an effective regime to bring to the healing to the situation along with the non-invasive adjustments. Every step is explained carefully and nothing is too difficult to incorporate into my day. And besides, it is working!
– Sabari L.

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