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 The Back and Neck Pain Relief Center of Nevada County

A Different Approach to Pain Relief in Nevada County

Back and Neck pain expert Dr. Jack Ricci uses non-surgical, drug-free, non-invasive methods to get fast and effective results in patients who suffer from neck and back pain (including herniated discs, pinched nerves, back and neck injuries and muscle tension), headaches, athletic injuries, sleep disorders, and scoliosis.


Dr. Jack focuses on correcting the underlying cause of your health concerns, rather than masking the symptoms or providing short term relief.  He creates a personalized approach for each patient, including giving home therapy or rehabilitation exercises designed to help correct even the most serious injuries and create a long lasting result.  He also offers nutritional advice to each of his patients in order to help speed up the healing time and reduce pain levels immediately.


Dr. Jack utilizes both traditional and state of the art techniques.  Some patients really enjoy the traditional Chiropractic techniques, but others are either uncomfortable with them or simply require a very gentle approach because of their age or physical condition.  So Dr. Jack offers a very specific alternative utilizing a state of the art instrument which is gentle enough for infants, for patients who've just had spinal surgery, and for elderly patients who have fragile bones.


You can expect your results to be faster and more effective than with conventional care - saving you time and money.